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Our Yardage Bag Tags are designed for golfers who want to hit shots with more precision and less guessing. 

Our Tags are the size of a smart phone and come with a double sided club/yardage insert that slides into a protective sleeve, allowing  the players to check the yardage of their clubs prior to hitting the ball.  Golfers often forget their club yardages in pressure situations, so what better to have than a Yardage Bag Tag at arms reach. Our Bag Tags come with a white  strap that easily hooks on to every golf bag. 


Don't be caught  making the mistake of pulling the wrong club on an important shot under pressure. Refer to your Yardage Bag Tag and swing with confidence

Bag Tags can be customized with your tour or company logo on the back. Contact us for more information.


Junior Golf, USKG, USKids Golf
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